O nas


is a virtual space that was created for artists, their art and their passion.

It was founded by Szymon Chwalisz and Anna Mglej.
Szymon is a graduate of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He is a painter, graphic artist, illustrator and designer with a diploma from the EASP in Kalisz. Szymon’s work is sold worldwide.
Anna graduated in Economics at the Faculty of Marketing and Management in Warsaw. She is a passionate connoisseur of art, promoter of premium brands and for several years, the manager of various artists.

Art has many dimensions and in our gallery, you will find many unique and inspiring works from Polish and a number of foreign artists. Our ambition is to share what we believe is beautiful, moving and emotional.

Our mission is to create a space where every artist will have the freedom to be themselves and showcase their love and heart for art. We will work closely with them whilst respecting and promoting their ideas to a wider audience.  

Our Gallery, our website and our social media will be aimed at our artists, presenting them across all forms of media from contemporary audio-visual material to the more traditional stationary exhibitions. With this careful selection of artists representing diverse trends, styles and forms of art, you will find yourself in the position to make that conscious choice of artwork that speaks to you with its beauty and uniqueness.